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Aftercare Care Group Therapy For MEN and WOMEN,
Living an abstinence-based, addiction-free life style
Goals of individual participation in groups are:
  • To achieve long-term abstinence-based recovery
  • To address and cope with life situations in emotionally healthy and effective ways
  • To provide a safe and supportive environment for men and women to discuss experiences and choices in recovery
  • To challenge your thinking process
  • Identify "set up behaviours" including risky social situations and physical or sensory cues that turn on cravings
  • Learn strategies to deactivate obsessive thinking and trigger events that increase vulnerability to relapse
  • Develop a spiritual foundation, clarified values, meaning, purpose and connectedness in life
  • Learn healthy boundaries
  • Understand the dynamics, rules and behaviours that shape your family in the recovery process
  • Evaluate and review relapse prevention plans and recovery program
  • Obtain crucial individual and group support if relapse occurs
  • Develop tools to sustain emotional resilience and strength for a successful recovery where it is easier not to use
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