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Our Client's Feedback
Our clients are referred to us from the general public, corporations,
insurance companies, addiction treatment programs, academia,
the medical system and the military.
Commonly heard remarks:
  • Your program saved my life.
  • Treatment didn't work for me - I came out and continued to relapse.  Without this program, I would not be here.
  • I keep coming back to "group"; I cannot forget where I came from!
  • This is a safe place to reveal my secrets; you are only as sick as your secrets.
Dear Jocelyn,

I wanted to let you know the fall out of me attending group last week:

•  I went to a meeting
•  Got someone else to go to a meeting
•  Helped someone
•  Got a couple great messages from attending that particular meeting
•  Got out of myself for an hour or so

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. Without the group, I would not have done any of the above. You do great work and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your commitment to me and people like me.

I gratefully accept your help.
With Much Gratitude
My name is Vicki and I am an addict. I came into recovery in December 2003 but I haven't been clean that long. I struggled for over two years to stay clean until I found Jocelyn's aftercare group. In attending the aftercare group I was able to stay clean for eighteen months. I stopped going to group for a few weeks and when I found my self homeless I thought I had no where to turn. I relapsed. I have since returned to aftercare and I am finding greater success in my life and recovery. The relationships that I'm building in aftercare are very rewarding. I can go to anyone in the group at anytime to get support, encouragement or someone just to go for coffee with. As time went by and the group members got to know me better, they started to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and they offer great feed back even when I don't want to hear it. They help me to see things that by myself I could not see. They encourage me to make difficult changes and support me in my struggles. I look forward to seeing these people every week and I miss them when they are on vacation. In the last nine months I have had many ups and downs and I could not have made it this far without them. I can always rely on my group to help me through it. The bonds that I have built with these people I would not trade for anything. I look forward to Wednesday nights.
If you are just coming out of treatment or you are struggling with your recovery I recommend attending aftercare. Aftercare is so much more personal than AA or NA. In aftercare you can really talk about the personal struggles you are having that most people would not bring up in AA or NA meetings. Don't get me wrong, I go to NA two to three times a week because of the things I learn about recovery and how other addicts deal with life on life's terms. Staying clean is the most important thing in my life today and I will do whatever it takes to have success. Recovery can be hard at times, but if you have good supports around you, you can get through anything and life does get better One Day At A Time.
I have personal and professional experience with inpatient treatment facilities, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, group therapy and 12 step programs covering a vast array of clinical, behavioral and addiction related issues.
Jocelyn Monsma brings a level of expertise and experience related to chemical dependency and family related issues/crisis which is rare to find. She accurately assesses a situation in a non-threatening, caring environment.  Jocelyn is able to give hope to people who believe they are facing a helpless situation.  Her individual and group sessions are designed to encourage healing and healthy living.  Most impressively, Jocelyn possesses the highest level personal integrity.
It is without hesitation that I provide Ms. Monsma with my highest personal recommendation to individuals and families who are in need of professional counselling or support.

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