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Group Therapy - Family Members & Significant Others
Continuing Care / Recovery Program for Family Members & Significant Others,
who have loved ones in Recovery from Addiction
If you have a loved one significant other or family member, in recovery from addiction you are part of a multi generational system of interaction. Over time, this system has developed and is loyal to patterns of interaction and communication, which inhibit the development of authentic intimate relationships. These systems are characterized by chaos with individuals choosing to establish vague personal boundaries where denial and over functioning take precedent and the emotional consequences of unconsciously perpetuating shame and secrets may prevail.  

Goals of this continuing care program are to provide group members with therapeutic support to understand the emotional consequences of living with addiction.  Group members will have the opportunity to generate processes, which promote emotional healing, the development of healthy new coping skills and to identify and influence new and potential patterns of family interaction that promote both individual and family members emotional resilience.

The philosophy of this group is to compliment the involvement in other support groups and recovery meetings such as Al-anon.
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