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Counselling and Psychotherapy
When personal problems are emotionally complex, it takes a great deal of courage to seek professional support.  Counselling and psychotherapy provide an opportunity for meaningful personal change, relieving distress.

Our approach to counselling and psychotherapy is to promote a foundation of emotional well being, through the forming of authentic and genuine relationships with others.  We promote collaborative working relationships that enhance personal and professional development.

C lient-centred therapy is our primary commitment, meaning that we honour our clients' needs first and foremost. Our strength is our ability to draw on collaborative expertise to meet client needs or consulting outside professional expertise when warranted. 

A uthentic and genuine relationships with others are the foundation of emotional well being. We promote collaborative working relationships with our clients to enhance personal and professional development.

R esilience is building on personal practices, which develop emotional strength, reducing psychological risk and vulnerability across many contexts. We promote this resilience by building resources to support one's ability to face life's challenges.

E motional intelligence is an array of capabilities, competencies and skills that influence one's ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures. We assist in the development of emotionally intelligent interpersonal qualities including adaptability, empathy, initiative, social responsibility, impulse control, self awareness and actualization and assertiveness.

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